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Windows not that bad!

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1184777901

After some posts ranting about Microsoft, in this one I will defend them. First of all, I don’t like Microsoft Policies ( as I don’t like Google’s), but as a real company, it has some very good products as well as bad ones.

As for windows, all my live I’ve heard people saying it sucks and so on. Well, I don’t quite agree and for the record, when I say “windows”, I mean v3.1, 98SE and XP, not those unstable versions like ME and that so-called Vista windows. As for this versions (I only used this ones) I only had BSOD when connection some weird hardware (like my webcam or my old external cd drive), but for the time it was awesome. I didn’t even bother me at the time. With Windows XP, the only crashes I have are Firefox ones (Opensource btw).

When compared to Linux, it has this huge advantage: Everything has drivers for Windows! ( linux don’t ) Yeah, I know Linux is opensource and so, but for non-coders there is not much difference, and os X is a great OS and it’s not opensource. Yet regarding Linux, I don’t need to compile anything, and if I do some software with a MSI, it will install perfectly on any windows computer. Only if Linux had a standard for folders….

When compared to os X, there are two things I don’t agree with. First, Macs run out-of-the-box. Yes, but windows do too. If you buy a standard PC, almost all the times (unfortunately) it comes with Windows installed, ready to work. Shop technicians install it together with the drivers just how Apple does. The second thing is that os X is so cool because you don’t need an antivirus or antispyware or anti-malware or so. Well, with windows you also don’t need them. For an year now I am running Windows without any anti-virus nor anti-spyware and I’m happy. (Tip for windows users attacked by virus: Change to some trusted pr0n sites).

Well, I like my Windows where no terminal is needed :)