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Playing with OSes

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1179091826
Two (or more) weeks ago I've installed Mac OS X86 ( Yeah, I know all that stuff you are going to say) with everything working fine except for USB (includes wireless network) and Audio.

Today I had the brilliant idea to install the new Ubuntu. I had two disks following:

Samsung 300 GB:
- 1 partition with vista (not working btw) - bootable
- 1 partition with XP (that I used)
- 1 partition Fat32 for storage

Hitachi 40 GB:
- Mac OS X86 (without audio and usb)

Ok, I inserted Ubuntu CD and installed it over the Vista partition. It all went ok. I tried to boot from the 300Gb disk and nothing... weird. Neither Ubuntu, nor Grub, nor XP...

Next: If I ruined all the OSes so what will I do? Try to install again x86 :P This time the installation went ok and I was expecting the usb and audio to work fine but when I boot from the 40GB CD grub appears and Ubuntu loads...

Conclusion: Grub installed on the wrong partition :/ It didn't even asked me! ( I remove a lot the 40Gb harddrive...

I've settled myself in Ubunto since I want to work in a Linux environment for a while, but I can't change my screen resolution to more than 1024x768 (that sucks for me). Does anyone knows how to fix this? I've installed the drivers ubuntu suggested me...
Another Thing I am working on is to add Windows XP and Mac OS X86 into grub... A GUI would be nice for this :/