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Openvatar, the new kid in the block.

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1203253249

We have old Gravatar, hAvatar, pAvatar (discussed here) and now we have Openvatar.

This last one is based on OpenID, but uses email as the identifier… This makes no sense!(Read comments) and is centralized! OpenID is all about using your own URL as you main identity (although email seems possible too) so you should fetch your avatar based on your URL. Both pAvatar and hAvatar do that correctly, but hAvatar uses another piece of technology I love (and makes all sense together with OpenID) that are the microformats (hCard in this case).

So I’d like all this not-that-good solutions to stop coming, and that we all focus on adopting the one that makes sense to the majority of people.