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Random Semantic Bits

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1201007255

Some interesting links for the week:

Folksr is a project that intends to gather people’s votes through their microformated links. You login with your openID, and from then on just add rev=“vote-for” and that’s a vote! Of course this is only for geeky people. But an interesting proof of concept anyway!

MOAT is a way of giving meaning to tags (via URLs). Its a cute project, but I don’t know if it will be useful. Anyway, there are already public servers and a Drupal implementation. Wordpress already in the TODO list.

Gravatar is attached to your email address and is not open nor distributed. The future is URL-based and distributed. There already two alternatives: pAvatar that seems more (unnecessarily) complex to implement, and hAvatar is just the photo on your hCard. Pretty simple hein? I just got one problem: When more than one hCard are present in the page, which one is the author’s? Tantek uses the class author, but I don’t find it in any other website. Any tips?