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Second Term Resolutions

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1203121989

I don’t care much about the end of the fiscal year (or the beginning of a new one) since nothing changes in my daily life. There is however big differences for me when I change semesters. I have a small holiday between them (this year was just a weekend…) and I start having a new schedule and different stuff to do. So my Second Term main resolution is to pay more attention to my health.

Since I have felt some pains in my wrists, I am now more aware of office ergonomics: sitting correctly and having my hands in the right position. I also borrowed a Trackball from a friend, since I’ve read it’s better than mouse, but although after one hour I was completely used to it, I actually work with two computers, so having a trackball and a mouse confuses me. I guess I’ll stick to mouses for the time being. Oh and that white wired trackball doesn’t fit my black wireless desktop.

Another big change is that I am walking everyday to school. I used to take a bus or take a friends ride, but now even if I have it, I’m walking… And I’m not even taking the shortest path (I never liked Dijkstra anyway). And my faithful TyTN with a 2GB filled with MP3s is my dearest friend every morning.