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Miscellaneous Stuff II

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1199711196

I’ve been sick the last days. I caught a cold, and my head was about to explode any second. So, no work done at all and no decent post, only this random stuff I got in my google reader:

A programmer should not be a translator and in some of my informatics engineering courses, is what we do. We just translate the solution from portuguese to some programming language. I believe we should be the architects of our program and not just builders.

Tom Morris on the idiotic UN blasphemy resolution that is in fact idiotic since it goes against my freedom of will. And I’ve been in the situation where I get offended for being atheistic. I totally agree with him.

Rob Miles who I met in TechED, released his book on XNA 2.0. I should read it someday. And those who are interested in learning how to easily do a game, should go ahead and buy that book.

TurboGears is not dead! They are just learning from other frameworks like Django.

Oh and another thing: I am feeling pain in my wrists after about half an hour on the keyboard. I am really scared since what I believe will be my future is depending on my hands to code. Any idea what this should be? I already got one of those mousepads with a rest support for my wrist and I’m also using it in the keyboard sometimes… But I feel is not enough… Yeah, and I’m doing pauses now :(