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Thanks, Steve!

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1200423557

Yeah, Steve’s keynote today brought to us cool stuff. AppleTV,iPod/iPhone updates, TimeCapsule and Air. Cool stuff as in “Cooool, but I won’t buy them”. AppleTV is far away from my dream homebox and iPod/iPhone are too pricey for their features. I am truly happy with my TyTN.

Now TimeCapsule is a really useful product, but I believe Apple should allow us to use our own drives as a backup option. $299 for 500 is too expensive, even being wireless (I have a disk in my desktop to where I would want to backup). Let’s see if someone will crack it when 10.5.2 comes out.

As for Air, and that’s why I thank you Steve, it made me so happy! A few months ago I bought SantaRosa’s Black Macbook and I thought I should wait till now, for the new ultra-portable macbook. I am glad I did buy because Air is not that special. Ok, it’s super slim and light! I am pretty fine with my macbook. It’s 13,3” too, and this is where I think Steve failed. I wanted a 12”, but okay, I’m sure a lot of people won’t like screens that are too small for their eyes. No optical drive? Sure I don’t need it anyway. SolidState 64Gb? Sweet! This is the only thing that would make me buy this instead of Macbook. But 999$ for 64Gb??? 5 hour battery? That's the same of my Macbook. Multitouch Trackpad? I'm very suspicious about this. Will it be any useful? I mean, no applications have support for this technology, so it will have no success in Air, and it won't be implemented in the other Macbooks.

I am deeply disappointed by Air and I am very happy with my 1400$ 2GbMem Black Macbook :)

Just my two cents about Steve’s keynote and I’m sure you are already tired of the blogosphere reactions to this, aren’t you?