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Stay at Home Servers

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1197472847

Stay at Home Servers’ book is one of the most brilliant pieces of advertising I came across lately. Do click an read the flash-based book!

I already hear the voices: “Now they are brainwashing kids to get their parents to buy them the server , right in your faces!”. This ad is targeting end-users without geek skills, not the kids themselves… But it true they can see it and get the wrong impression. But I believe kids are smart enough not to buy it.

A small note: Flash? Where’s that so incredible Silverlight? Not even in Microsoft websites? And I bet the guy who did the design stuff used a mac! Can you spot the iPhone?

Regarding the product itself, I am not a believer. Why would I buy one more big fat box, just to be connected? I have my desktop backing up the notebook’s file. I can access my files from school through FTP. Why would I need that HomeServer? I am doing fine with my Windows XP desktop.

What I believe is more of a Apple mini/tv server. A media center that has a nice storage capacity serving as a backup for everyone (would be used mostly for storing movies and series, I bet), a well designed media player (to be seen in televisions), a smart and cute browser, bluetooth to sync mobile devices on the fly, and even some games. Not that hardcore games like Halo (MS has Xbox for that), but some casual games wouldn’t hurt anyone. Even the iPod has them!

This would be the “home server” I’d buy my family this Xmas. Ok, ok that I would make my dad buy… It would be really useful and meaningful.