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Your own personalized music mag!

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1199801467

I’ve posted a while ago about APML, a format that stores the attention you give something. Today I’ll show you how to get your own personalizes music magazine thanks to this format.

I assume that you have a account like I do or a Pandora account, If no, get one, scrobble around a little and come back then.

Thanks to tastebroker, a project by Paul Lamere of Sun Microsystems, you can export your music attention data into a APML file. If you use, it will be located at and if you use Pandora it will be at You will need your APLM url later. In tastebroker you can also get your APML for you account, but it won’t be useful here unless you only bookmark music-related stuff.

Finally enter, a daily music magazine that focus on the music YOU like. Just write you APML URL in the input field, and click GO. Have fun with the mag that you will like for sure!

Note: If you get a \"Oops\" error message, try the following URL: It worked for me!