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APLM and Particls

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1196378203

Web2.0 has brought a great amount of data and people have the need to gather the ones that matter for them in order to consume. For now, you can have all the info in netvibes (or other widget system), you can have them all in your RSS reader (since all the information cames up in RSS nowadays), but it is a pain for those who have a lot of interests to catch-up with everything happening on the web. People came up with a lot of complex GTD ideas to make it possible. As for me, I just read blogs through Google Reader and for all the rest (twitter, photos, videos…) I use Flock, which is a great social browser.

There is now a format that joins all this information with a level of interest for you. It’s called APML and it stands for Attention Profiling Mark-up Language, that work as a OPML not only for feeds, but also for other data and gives them a attention value for tags. It’s the Web2.0 Folksonomy in its best shape!

But of course all this standards don’t mean a thing if there aren’t uses for them. You can check some examples of APML usage as I did. One of the tools that interested me was Particls, one cool sidebar that shows content that is relevant for me (you can set it up by using tags and adding your own feeds). It also orders news by the interest they have to you. It’s definitely a anti-GTD application, but might be useful for you if you are a journalist or you activity needs you to be in constant track of some themes.