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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1193998108

Well, all this time ASP.NET has been forgotten for real. Ruby on Rails, Django, Symphony and many others implemented something developers just loved: MVC. As Django’s co-creator Adrian noticed in Snakes and Rubies (and RoR’s David agreed) is that the MVC pattern has the obvious advantage of having both webdesigners and developers working on the same project only on the stuff that matters to them.

When I tried to do something cool using ASP.NET, it just didn’t fit my needs. It wasn’t MVC nor had the AJAX support I could have from rails, for example. I wished Microsoft (or anyone) had this awesome MVC framework!

Well, they have answered my prays: Scott Guthrie announced in his blog that yet this year the ASP.NET MVC Framework will be released and in the first half of next years it will be launched as a ASP.NET feature. I can’t say I’m not happy about this (obvious) decision to move ASP.NET into the MVC pattern! But somehow I just feel like Microsoft is always a step behind in this new web2.0 age.