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ejaki Status

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1188080688

As I’ve already posted here, I’ve been working the last two months on the ejaki project. I was assigned to make its web interface and I have it working already.

The previous website was very ugly and the ejaki data displaying was only a list of ejakis with a small google maps thumbnail for each one. It was running in ASP.NET (SQL server as database) and was using .NET authentication methods.

It was my first time working with (I’ve only worked with classic ASP a few years ago) and I didn’t like quite much the webcontrols and the way things were organized. A RAD MVC platform for ASP.NET is what I really wanted, but Midgard wasn’t ready yet.


I decided to remake the website all from scratch. The database was changed not to use that heavy .NET authentication modules and to add some extra information. As for javascript, I chose Prototype + + MyPrototype and it was the first time I’ve seen it being used with ASP.NET. It works the same way as in ruby, python or PHP, you just have to make a ashx file (Generic Handler) with the response you want to load with AJAX methods. I found the MASTER and partial page system pretty weak for some stuff I wanted to do.

In the new website I tried a different approach. Being the data mainly geographical, the map is now the center of the website, and everything works around it. This may raise issues with browsers not compatible with Google Maps API and Mobile Devices (a target platform). So in the future, a mobile website will probably be done.

As for now, I’ve revamping the Windows Mobile software so it looks more cool to use. If you’re attending Barcamp Portugal, I’ll be making a short presentation with a demo, so if you do have a PDA with GPS, please don’t forget it ;)