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What is Google up to?

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1191975161

A small rant: No, this is not yet another post saying that Google just bought Jaiku and asking why haven’t they bought Twitter. I’ve seen hundreds of posts like this in the last day and only one or two really commented it. Maybe I should refilter my subscription list.

Now to the point: Google is taking over our world step by step. First searching, then advertising, e-mail and now news-reading and who knows what can be next?

Today while reading my feeds, I saw this mockup that really impressed me:


This is what I have requested! Just a simple OS (yes, Linux based will be O.K.) not for mobile (and why not too?), but for desktop where it could integrate all it’s services. Is it hard to do? Well Google stocks crossed $600 so money is not their problem. They have 13,786 full-time employees and a lot of them are genius. So why are they not launching fantastic applications? I mean, they do, but that’s not as much as I would expect from some big company like them. Things are not that hard, there are user demands for new stuff, so why is Google waiting for?

Any thoughts on this?