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Suggestions for Google

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1190073593

As mentioned before, I started to use Google Reader and Mail a while ago and now I have a few ideias for Google to implement:

First of all, why not a optional external CSS file for all my account of google. It would affect my google reader, mail, iGoogle, etc… This matters to power users who chose (as I did) google apps because they access it from various devices. And it wouldn’t cost a thing! Yeah, I use GreaseMonkey but when I use computers that are not mine, it sucks. I don’t like google’s design, it’s too white and blue…

I use Google Talk (in which webcam support is missed a lot) and I love the notifications for mail, but I would like to delete and mark as read right there, because only from reading the title, most times I already know what I should do with it.

Other of the things that I do really miss is a GReader and GMail desktop. Everything would be smoother and much faster running from the OS. I think Google is too ahead of real users, those who aren’t ready to move everything into the browser. In this aspect Microsoft is being slower keeping desktop apps like Windows Live Mail and Writer.

Just some ideas from someone who has been using Google apps almost every hour.