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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1183635235

In the last days I’ve been using Outlook 2007 because it is the only decent app that syncs perfectly with my PocketPC. In my opinion, it is kind of heavy, I dont like the interface pretty much, and I dont have POP3 sync with the PDA. I also wanted a web-based version to see in the lab computer. Then I decided I would change to Google Mail, Google Calendar and Google Reader because they had a web mobile interface that worked pretty fine in PocketIE. Said goodbye to Flock (we spend wonderful time together…) and installed Firefox 2.0 and the basic addons.

First thing I noticed in Google Mail and Reader was that “Google design” I really hate. Solution: Installed Stylish and then some skins to make it usable to me. Then I noticed Greasemonkey also had the same skins, so I changed the plugin, and now I have the theming + some hacks in one pluggin.

Google is the number one big company when coming to Web Apps, but as they did with Google Desktop, GTalk or GMail mobile ( btw JAVA, so it sucks on Windows Mobile), they should get a desktop application where we had Calendar, Reader, Mail, and maybe others, all together and syncing with the mobile versions( and no, I can’t use POP3 with most of clients, because I have a few other accounts in gmail, and it answers always through the default address).

I am working on a web-based application that will have all the things I use in my department (webmail, sftp, calendar, news, etc) all together, and then I will abandon google stuff, that I dont like using much :/

EDIT: I have tried pyRfeed and after a few hacking, it worked. Not very nice now, but I'll keep an eye on it in the future.