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MOSH - Nokia Social Network

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1187365920

Nokia has released the beta (even in that is very web2.0!) of their social network targeting mobile phone users. It allows everyone to share their audio files, images, videos ,documents applications and games from (almost) any phone! With a nice and simple look that everybody feels in love with, it is a very attractive website for you to spend your time. And better, since it’s targeting mobile phones, there is the website version for your mobile phone and even a app for you to take MOSH along with you for everywhere.

I really think that this is a huge step towards the web2.0 everywhere. While social web users are people that spend most of they time in the Internet, now it will embrace people who don’t have that time, but keep attached to their mobiles phones. Web2.0 buzzword “mobility” has just gained another value.

Nokia has innovated in two other points. First, it allows contents for other brands, that might make it more universal and bring new customers to Nokia. Another point is the fact Nokia made it possible to share applications, games and images that are a income source for Mobile Operators and some niche companies (Like Jamba). This might be an issue in the future (as it was in the past when Symbian phones appeared) but I believe this is the right path.

I hope this website goes live soon so I can get some pretty nice content for my TyTN.