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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1186691893

In the between of my paid projects, I managed to get a time to work on my Pungi ultramicrowebframework. Thanks to Nuno Mariz and his dispatcher I managed to get it working on a MVC way that is so hype right now.

I like to develop my frameworks while doing some project that uses it, so I can evaluate it’s strengths and weaknesses better. So I started on an idea that haven’t left my head until then: How much hype does a word have?

With services like, Technorati, Flickr and so many others, information is being tagged and available for everyone. Well, BUZZwords just gets the results from that word in all of those services, and applies my special formula (not quite just summing them all :P) and returns the hype value for that word.

I later made the page more pretty and added the bars that can make the information more readable at first sight. However there is still a todo: Make a page for each word with it’s evolution through time and the top results from the services used. Oh, and I’m thinking of adding another services, but for example Digg doesn’t uses tags, but I can still perform a search for a word. Would that be a reliable value to consider?