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I don't get Java...

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1185835991
Java vs Ruby book comparison

Seriously, I don't! I know everyone uses it, but I really think it's overrated. Java people come to me like \"Java is very nice because it works on all OSs the same way\". Well, on this Fábio has a really nice quote. I believe Python and Ruby are nice alternatives because they both run on a \"virtual machine\" (the interpreter) and best of all, they're dynamic! That is really programmer-friendly and more productive.

Well, you might say you want something more low-level. If this is the case, then it's because performance does matter. Then You should use C or C++ and make it OS specific. Or if only a part of it must be low-level, you can extend Python with C code. Oh, and check this chart!

Right now, the only target program that I will possible do in Java is J2ME, the Java for your mobile phone. Because it's the only engine that runs on most of current phones.

Well, you can say that if I don't understand Java, I wouldn't understand C# too. Well I do, both C# and Visual Basic are languages nice to work with. Not that I like them, but I really LOVE Visual Studio and how easy it is to make some program. And it's language number one when making stuff for Windows Mobile. With IronPython and IronRuby, I hope this changes and these new languages will replace C# and VB (No, I don't see future for VBx, maybe I'm wrong...)

So, if you do use Java, please tell me why you do it (my guess is that you just can't afford the time to learn some other language so well as you know Java).