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Python Infrequently Answered Questions

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1185362607

FAQs have been around since 1647 and everybody recognizes it’s worth. Although today they are reached from search engines, They serve their purpose quite well. When you have a doubt, you google for it and most probably you’ll find the answer since someone asked it already.

Well, today I’ll present you another kind of format that is also useful, the Infrequently Answered Questions (IAQ). After checking Wikipedia, in which is said IAQ are used as jokes, I’ve read a real one: Python IAQ.

It comes very handy when you’re exploring the obscure paths of Python language. This IAQ answers some things that most of the people don’t know about. I suggest you read it and bookmark it, because if you work with Python, it might become handy in the future.


Python IAQ was written by Peter Norvig, Director of Research of Google and was head of the Computational Sciences Division at NASA Research Center. He’s been a researcher in the area of Artificial Intelligence and a code guru in Python, Java, Lisp and he was even one of the creators of JScheme. He is also known for his presentation, a satire about bad presentations (reminds me of one of the same type titled “How to prepare good presentations” I gave in my class last year).