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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1184851031

I am part of that generation that doesn’t read newspapers, we read RSS. I have currently 109 feeds subscribed (some of them aggregators) and just like a newspaper, I have the comic section. Here is the list, if you are looking for some:


Hipertonia – Well, it’s not really a comic strip, but I believe it is the perfect section for it.

A Dupla Personalidade – Two wonderful sticks living inside some strip.


AppleGeeks lite – Stories of Hawk, a mac and boobies addicted.

Blaugh – The (Un)Official Comic of the Blogosphere! (name says it all)

Ctrl+Alt+Del – Meet Ethan, the greatest gamer of them all. PS: He has a x-box robot :O

Dilbert – Who doesn’t know this humble citizen of cubicland?

Dueling Analogs – One more gaming comic. Includes sex fetishes with Super Mario and a dwarf.

Little Gamers – The comic with the coolest drawing. Specially the iMac :P

OK/Cancel – Comic about interface usability and designing. Too bad they have pause it.

Penny Arcade! – Yet another gaming comic.

PHD Comics – This one is about the insightful journey of becoming a PHD.

The Joy Of Tech – I believe this one also has an expressive name :)

Questionable Content – I do love soaps. I confess.

Wulff and Morgenthaler – Insane one-panel daily comic.

xkcd – I believe this one should be nominee for the Science Nobel. REALLY! and It’s useful when studying maths, physics and computing!

Zits – The typical teenager you probably know already.

Hope you like some :)