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Environment-aware Mobility

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1183135457

Continuing with the presentations from WMSU, this one is about how networking can and should be mobile.

Vitor Jesus started to show how the current networking is far from perfect. One good example of that most wireless technologies don’t work while you are moving or when you move from one Access Point to another. Another limitation is that wireless networks are limited to about 1km, so the connectivity is very limited.

In a near future (2012?) he believes that different technologies can complement each other and that services will allow you to move from cell to cell and your session will be real-time tranfered without losing any data. WiMax will be largely used while WiFi will be avaiable mostly in Malls and other closed buildings. In a farer future, people won’t pay for coverage, only for some extra services, terminals and networks will be more inteligent and together with sensors will raise your Quality of Experience. This last one will be user-centric and is the subject of Vitor and Rui Aguiar’s work.