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Death Note review

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1183061594

I’ve always been a fan of anime since I was a kid, and more recently I started to revive that spirit. I am now the webmaster and admin of anime-p2pt, one of the greatest Portuguese anime community. In the beginning of the year, I stopped to see anime, but I continued to follow Death Note as it was being released.

One of the best anime I ever seen

Jun 28, 2007 by

Alcides Fonseca


★★★★★ Death Note is the story of Yagami Light, an brilliant student that is somehow bored of the world he lives him. Feeling the same way, a Shinigami (Death God) drops his Death Note into the humans world. But this is no ordinary notebook, the owner has the power to kill someone by writing his name while having him in mind.

Light takes the notebook laid on the floor and reading its rules, realizes that he has the power to create a perfect world. From that moment on, he writes everyday names of criminals in the Death Note and starting his mass murdering.

People start to realize this and some think of him as Kira, the God who will save the world from its rotness. However others feel it's a crime against humanity and the greatest detective of all time is called to solve this case.

No one knows him, or know where he lives, or even know its real name. He answers by the alias of \"L\".

L and Light both want the other one death, but how will L find out who is this mysterious Kira that kills everyone like magic? Or will Light find out L's real name, so he can kill him and continue his task to clean the world?

This was one of the best animes I ever saw. Despite being very busy in the latest times, this was the only anime I've saw. It was frustrating to wait one week until the next episode. The tension was in every episode and the argument is brilliant! Starting from the point I described, a lot of tactics are used, more characters are introduced, most of them happen to die, and the end is unpredictable.

Apart from the story, the other two things I appreciate in animes is the drawing and the soundtrack. As for the drawing and painting, they're very mature and dark, as the theme presented. From the middle to the end, they tend to be less perfect and more emotive, but I guess that's the way the story also goes.

As for the soundtrack, it is simply wonderful. The first part is based on instrumental sounds, from Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi, and the vibrating opening and ending by Nitemare. As for the second part, Taniuchi Hideki authored the instrumental music and Maximum The Hormone played the opening and ending. This last band was a great finding for me since I'm a fan of both j-rock and hardcore, and made me get their full album, Buiiki Kaesu and I just loved.

One final note: After episode 11, please take a look at the Live-Action of Death Note. It is very interesting since the story is a lot different from the anime one, but the end is the same.