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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1182783508

Since Take Off I’ve been interested in the ejaki project, a sharing platform regarding Points of Interest. It relies on the basis that each user will add their favorite places to the ejaki network and rate it. From that moment on, it will be available for everyone online, that can also vote or comment the ejaki. At this moment, only Windows Mobile software is being developed, but will soon be available to another devices.

I believe it will be useful when going to another city or even another country where you want to know, for instance, what’s the best bar to go out at night, or even the best restaurant, or the best hotel… Based on people’s actual experiences, than travel agency’s opinion.

A few weeks ago I applied for a scholarship in this project and I was chosen. As a result, I’ll be working at CISUC for the next two months and I will be posting here the results of that experience. If you are interested in this subject, feel free to contact me.