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MusIM - Mobile Tagging in a Museum

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1182632395

Yesterday I attended a Workshop about Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems that took place at DEI. It was a very interesting experience, so in the next days I will post about some presentations that delighted me, starting today.

The first one was given by Marta Figueiredo and André Teixeira (who I will be working with in the next months). Despite being the youngest presenting their project, they had the courage to make a live demo.

Before presenting the project itself, they talked about Mobile Tagging, how it’s already being used in Japan and its possibilities. Imagine yourself reading a magazine and want to go to a website written there with a long address. Wouldn’t it be simpler to take a photo with your PDA or mobile phone, and view it?

Marta and André applied this concept to a museum where there were datamatrix codes associated with every painting. This allowed visitors using a PDA to take a photo of the code, and see more information about the artwork. It worked together with the floor plant of the museum, so people could know where they were, and the whereabouts of they favorite painting. It worked just fine with a mobile client and a server containing all the data accessible by WiFi. They also added voting and commenting possibilities that were shown in the demo.

I’m looking forward to see more solutions and innovations using Mobile Tagging, either barcodes, datamatrix or RFID.