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Good design, bad webdesign

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1182457293
I've been a The Dandy Warhols fan for a long time. A few days ago I was checking their website and I was amazed by the designed used. It made me wish I had one of those 3d glasses so I could see the stereoscopy effect.

I think it was a great idea to make the website design like this, so it would stand out from the rest of websites. Mainly bands pick up good artists to make their website, because they like their visual art. However designers tend to be bad web designers. They lack the geekness needed for professional websites. In my work, I’ve dealt with designers that are good in traditional paper design, but when it comes down to the web, they just lack some skills.

If you notice the Dandy's website, although it has RSS and validates the code. It’s still displayed inside tables and iframes. This sucks when viewing the page in small screen devices like IE mobile, Opera Mobile and Mini (which you can test here). Web designers should know this stuff and how to get around that.

I gave Dandy Warhol's Website example as i could give a lot of them, and you probably know it by yourself. In my work I’ve dealed with a lot of designers, and when they “draw” something, they don’t even think how it would be displayed, if it’s even possible to do those effects, if it will run on mobile devices, if it would be accessible to disabled people and so on… It’s terrible to work with them if you can’t change the design and you know it’s bad.