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Just a kid with his brand new toy

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1181993025
Today my HTC TyTN arrived. It's in my opinion the best Pocket PC around, only lacks the GPS feature (what sucks since the chip is already in its motherboard, but an internal antenna is missing).

I took a few pictures of me opening my new gadget that will allow me to forget to study while developing cool apps for Windows Mobile.

I was happy when I found out that in the box, a screen protector, a leather pouch and a Ndrive CD with it's software were included (check flickr photos).

I found interesting that there are 4 ways of controling the device. 1st: from the touch screen. 2nd: from the arrows and buttons below the screen. 3rd: From the scroll and button in the side of the phone. 4th: throught the keyboard that's \"inside\" it.

The first thing I didn't quite like it, but I already knew, was the proprietary headset. I know that to work also as a microphone, it couldn't be just a mini-jack plug, but I would like to connect it directy to speaker... Too bad. Hope I don't loose the headset..

I’ll keep in touch :)