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TarPipe Python API

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1210336772


For those of you who don’t know TarPipe, it is a web application that makes it easier to create your workflows on the web. This workflow above just receives via the API a title and a photo and uploads it to Photobucket (which sucks, but a Flickr Connector, among others, is being released very soon) and the enters the image link in my flickr account. Right now Tarpipe hasn’t launched yet, but I have access to developer’s preview (which you may also ask) and I have played with it’s API.

So I picked my language of choice: Python and I made a library to access TarPipe API from Python. And it’s as easy as:

sudo easy_install tarpipe-python

And then

import tarpipe
t = tarpipe.TarPipe(token=\"your workflow token\")
t.upload(title=\"hello from python\",body=\"testing TarPipe from Python\",image=\"/Users/youruser/Images/test.png\")

As simple as that. The project is hosted at Google Code (you can checkout from the svn if you want). And it’s licensed under LGPL, which will deserve a post later on.