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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1209209099

How to be a Programmer: A Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary by Robert L Read, is a wonderful short book every programmer should read. You’ll get an idea of the skills you should improve in the different stages of your path through programming. And I love the fact that there is no code there, not even one programming language name mentioned! And he goes through Debugging, Unit Testing and so. And you’ll read it incredible fast!

Why Johnny Can’t Scale is a post on why Twitter can’t scale as it should and a small rant on Ruby on Rails. You should read it along with the debate in the comments between Michael Galpin and DHH himself.

Fencing in the habitat – doing things right and getting the accessibility wrong is a presentation by Christian Heilmann on accessibility on the web. And I love how you can get the idea by just reading the slides. A must for webdevelopers!