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Remote Virtualization

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1209127977

I now have 3 virtual machines on my Macbook. Ubuntu, XP and Vista. Now that I got Matlab for UNIX, I almost don’t use them any more, only for some testing purposes. And having them on my 160Gb harddrive sucks! And I’m not buying a portable external disk (I am buying a 500gb external storage with ethernet interface to backup all the family pcs, and finally use Time Machine). So I want to adopt another solution. I have a regular desktop running Mac OS x86 right now (but I will soon install Windows Server 2008 to play the recently launched TrackMania Nations Forever) Linux sucks there since I cannot have 1280×1024 resolution in my screen.

So my idea is to run my virtual machines in my desktop and access them remotely via RDP or VNC, since I also want to run a Ubuntu virtual machine. The problem here is that I want them to be active only when I’m connected to them. I need them to use 1024 of my 2Gb RAM memory, and I can’t have two switched on at the same time.

So dear lazy web, is there any simple and free (since I’m a student and not want to make profit of this) solution for this?