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Twitter, entreprise edition

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1208463212

So Twitter is the internet application of the moment. The so called IRC of the web 2.0 has got the internet junkies Geeks 2.0 and also coming to regular people’s life.

There is an enourmous discussion on whether Twitter is useful or not. Some turn it off to get work done, others delete their account because it’s killing their blogging to then go back and realize they can’t live without it.

Now 37 signals, the company behind Backpack (and some others) and also Ruby on Rails is getting their Twitter-clone applied to entrepises ready. They’re naming it In/Out and they’ve been using it internally for the last year. Why do I call it a twitter clone? Because it allows you to update your status on What are you doing so your workmates know at any time what is keeping you busy. I love their idea of charging companies for such an idea!