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Physics Simulation Games

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1208350548

I grew up more a less at the same time as Nintendo’s GameBoy, so computer games were not that awkward to me. The first game that I was really amazed by was TIM (The Incredible Machine). For those of you who don’t know it, it was a simple game where you had to make a lot of elements like balls, balloons, candles, strings, cats, mice, electrical stuff, etc.. to work together in order to achieve a goal each level. If somehow I got that game again, I’d spend one month having all that fun again! Like I never had with games like Warcraft or Counter-Strike!

Sometime ago a friend showed me Armadillo Run a game of the same type, but more focused on physics and structures. Not as much fun as TIM. But after that a new game was being blogged about everywhere: Crayon Physics. It doesn’t have as many features as TIM, but it has a bonus: you get to draw your components. If you need a ball or a box, you have to draw it! I loved it!

But the demo was a bit short and the real stuff isn’t here yet… Nevertheless I found a flash game exactly the same, and with pins and hinges that gave it a brand new sense. I’ve finished it and now I’ve improving the number of moves per level.

You should REALLY try it!