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Why do I keep on using Python...

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1208123261

I sincerely believe Dynamic Languages are the future. Once people start learning these languages, they’ll hardly go back. I know a lot of guys, like me, to whom programming in C, Java or C# is painful. Most of people won’t learn any of this “new” (they’re so damn old!) languages. If you think right, they make you more productive!

So why Python? Well, I’ve spend many years coding PHP and I don’t want to do that again! (I know I will, and because it will the best choice, but I won’t have the same feeling as in coding Python). As for PERL, it is really good for those who learned it years ago. Nobody learns it nowadays. Ruby and Python are as powerful as Perl, and much more readable. As for Ruby, it is indeed a powerful language. I happen to love some of its features, but the simplicity of Python rocks my world. Ruby is almost used with Rails, which I also like, but it alone can’t make me change my language. Of course there is Shoes also, but that’s just for fun.

In Python I have all another world. I also have webdev with Django (which fits my specific needs better than rails) and I also have scripting and desktop apps. Do you know that a lot of the frontend of the applications you use daily in Linux distros like Ubuntu are mostly written in Python?

But the best is yet to come. I believe Python will be the next big languages. Not for developers (who will use something like Javascript with a bit of Ruby), but for PowerUsers. Society is getting more into computers and kids can now learn advanced stuff faster. In a few years, all software should be scriptable, and regular people will make small python scripts to change the way each program flows. And that’s what will Python be for. So if you do software development, you can see how easy it is to allow such thing in .NET.

I would also recommend reading Gobán Saor’s post on Python the new VBA which details more of this idea.