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MSN rant

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1207578654

From time to time I freak out about Windows Live Messenger also known as MSN Messenger. First is one centralized system. Everything depends on Microsoft. They’re servers are down. No MSN for anyone. They said you can only have 150 contacts in one account, you have to have two so you can connect all your friends. Then they said you were allowed 300, it was nice but at that point, you also had more than 300 contacts. After that they increased the limit to 1000 and that was enougth for some years. Then you reach the limit and have to clean up your contact list. I know you can have more than 1000 now, but I don’t know how much.

Now I get another stupid error: I got too many groups on my messenger list. Grrr I HATE YOU MSN! Only if my hot friends would change to Jabber as everyone should… MSN can’t even let me be logged in in two different computers :(