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Urls vs Search Engines

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1206439379

When everybody talks about URLs and how you can associate all your stuff to a personal URL (through OpenID, microformats, etc…), it looks like in Japan they are already leaving URLs behind and they’re just using search engine keywords in their advertising. This is not a new thing, I remember a lot of movie posters not having the URL, but the AOL keyword. That was pretty useless in Portugal, since AOL has no presence here, and I can’t remember SAPO doing anything like this. Even I used this strategy! I was in doubt whether should buy this domain or not. I wouldn’t give out my old address to people, I’d just tell them to google “alcides fonseca” and thanks to the SEO magic of having a rare name, it works :)


However, this is something I wouldn’t suggest unless you have the domain. Search engines don’t always display the search results in the same order, so imagine you have a company, and some guy writes a bad review and he’s a SEO expert. Whenever a customer would search for your keyword, his bad review will be the first result! You don’t want this, do you? And guess that one of your competitors buys an advertising link in some Search Engine that displays first when search for your keywords? I wouldn’t like that too…

Even when “good” domain names are becoming rare and expensive, and “Big Mamas Bakery” looks more catchy than, making sure that all your possible clients end up in the right place it’s very important!