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The best application for programmers!

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1206400987

After developing software for some time now, I feel like I should mention the software that most helped me until now. This is just a personal opinion, so don’t start flamming me for this, okay? Well, although I use Notepad++ and Textmate for writing code, I’m not talking about neither, and I’m not going to talk about Visual Studio which is a great IDE, and a wonderful tool for designing desktop applications. The best software that has helped me in my programming until now was… Fireworks, that’s right! Macromedia’s, now Adobe’s software for designing web graphics.

So howcome a designer application has helped in your programming? Well, I don’t do low-level programming, my focus in on web programming, so the interface is very important. I find Fireworks the most useful tool because it allows me to get some graphics done very fast and easily, so I can focus on what I really want: to code.

So why Fireworks and not Photoshop? Photoshop is indeed more powerful that Fireworks, but it is also more complex, and I’m not a designer, I just want quick icons, or logos, or some fancy artwork for my software, I don’t want to make some artistic and amazing drawings. And right now, I can archieve everything in Fireworks you can in Photoshop. The only feature I miss is Brushes, but I can emulate it using some workarounds that take too much time.

This is one of the features Adobe could add to Fireworks. I’ve been using it since the MX 2002 version through the MX 2004 and CS3 and I find no real difference between them. Couldn’t they just spend some time on this wonderful product? Of course it doesn’t sell like Photoshop and is maybe overpriced for its target audience, but I’m sure they can manage it… I’m sure there are other Fireworks lovers around wishing for this too…

PS: Ok, I had to ruin my first linkless post with some sort of interesting link. Here it is: Fireworks is a great prototyping tool for interaction desginers