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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1206314289

Yahoo has lanched Fire Eagle, a way of providing your location to several services. Good news to Python Hackers, Steve Marshall has published his bindings to the Fire Eagle API. Also in the Python world, Simon Willison has done a really cool mashup envolving FireEagle and Wikipedia (along with some Google Stuff) sticking it all inside a Django Project. And he also explains how he made it.

Among the best of the web I found a link to Richard Crowley’s blog. I found there three cool hacks, specially the last two. The first is PownceFS and implementation of your Pownce friends archives as a filesystem. Systems like this and like DropBox, that connect the desktop and the web are stuff that I believe in. Oh, and take a look at TarPipe when it comes out (or earlier at Take Off!).

The other two are some UserScripts to improve you Google Reader experience. I use it as the my major source of information (email being only for private stuff and twitter… you can’t really call it information, can you?) but I archive stuff in my delicious account, so now I have what I’ve been looking for in a while: being able to bookmark posts directly to Delicious inside Google Reader.

The last one, is another script to see that original link for that post but inside GoogleReader, which I find very handy to comment a post, or see some youtube video GReader insists on not parsing.