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Adobe opening up the flash source format

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1205150172

Until now, all flash files were save in a binary .fla file. Seems like CS4 will bring a new format .xfl that is a zip file with all the components of the movie and a xml manifest. This will improve it’s interoperability with third parties like image and video editors, or even opensource flash editors.

Together with Microsoft’s OOXML (even with all those OOXML vs ODF issues, it’s still plain XML) it will allow a next generation versioning systems (who know Git with a tortoiseSVN-like interface, or even better) and a cool Office/Flash/Imaging Diff tool. And merged with a web-based editor would be perfect for non-geek end users. You might read more about this on my guest post over PauloQuerido’s.