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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1204849666

Let’s start by big G, they’ve released the Google Contacts API. They’re second to Microsoft who have already did the same, in order to avoid situations where you have to give your email password to social networks, so they can import your contacts. A nice step, I just wish applications start to implement both of the APIs right away.

Now Apple, that has released the SDK for iPhone along with some news like exchange support and so. Like many noticed, they are targeting now the Business market with Air and this iPhone update (only possible to Microsoft new interoperability promise) and I guess they will make greater moves into that area in about one year or so. Regarding their store, they are being selfish and they are going to pay that price very soon. If they have hacked dotMac, won’t they be able to hack iPhone, and create a uTunes where you can get cracked software? And I bet a few developers will prefer this one!

Flock 1.1 was released. I have a bittersweet relationship with Flock. It used to be my main browser, but being an programmer I have some needs Flock doesn’t fulfill (not talking about Firebug). However if I only used the browser for social stuff like twittering, facebook, flickr, and have a wordpress blog, it would be perfect, just perfect.

With the release of Silverlight2b1, a few apps from partners are being shown up, and I really liked TextGlow, a online viewer of docx documents. That made me thing. Currently Office Online doesn’t have a collaborative tool. That makes ALL the difference when comparing to Google Apps. I believe the reason they’ve not released it yet is because they’re getting something really powerful built on Silverlight2. I can’t wait to try it out!