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Soccer 2.0

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1179236668
In SAPO homepage, I saw a link to FCP Blog and even I don't take much attention to soccer ( I really don't like the trillions spend on such a sport ) I gave it a look and I was amazed by the widget the F.C.P. made so its fans could have their results on their blog and they advertised some of their services.

Regarding my interesting experiences with OSes, after some help from linux experts, I couldn't boot from XP, Mac OS X86 still can't recognize my LAN board nor Wi-Fi adapter and Linux only supports 1024x768 maximum and no wireless. As I need XP to work, I'll move back and probably try to reinstall mac OS X86 just for fun. Cant wait for new macbook and macbook pro to be released!