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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1204130924

Community & Customer Service – The video of an interesting talk with Matt Mullenweg from Wordpress, Gina Bianchini from Ning, Tara Hunt from Citizen Agency and Patty Roll from Timbuk2.

Ruby and RDF - What about creating RDF statements using Ruby's beatiful syntax?

Why Joost will loose to Miro – A nice article showing why in the near future Miro is the best choice for P2P video.

Why I Unfollow People Who Use Hashtags On Twitter – A negative view of Twitter microformat Hashtags. I do use them sometimes, but most of the time, I guess I’ll agree with Dave Coustan.

DataPortability and me, JB – Another video by John Breslin on DataPortability and a bit of RDF and SioC. I really liked it!