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Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1203623864

I must say I love XNA! I like making games. I do not like C++ low-level programming. When I was (am?) a kid, I did some stupid games with Game Maker 6. I did all those games without a line of code! I really like that. XNA brings that concept, but to professional (and casual) game developers. Of course you have to write code, but only the logic you need. Under XNA there are all those low-level functions you don’t want to be writing and debugging.

Yesterday John Schappert revealed a bit of XNA future in the GDC. They want to have the “Youtube for gamers” (seems like Nintendo wants too with WiiWare) and their also targeting mobile devices. He showed a Zune running a XNA game!

That made me thinking… Will Zune be a competitor against PSP and DS? And will the iPhone/iPod Touch with the soon-to-be-released SDK also join this market? And where the Windows Mobile stands in this scenario?