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SyncMate workaround

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1203467774

Whenever I connect my WM6.1 HTC TyTN to my Mac, SyncMate just goes spinning his beachball without stopping… I really wanted to sync my PDA with my Macbook, so I got a way of doing it with the latest version: RC2.

I opened in Finder, looked in the Resources folder and found a sweet! So I sent it to the windows mobile (I used my windows desktop, but you can send by email or web) and I installed the driver. Then clicked in the home icon and allowed my Macbook to sync with it and enabled autostart.

Next, I added the IP of my PDA to Syncmate and he did the rest! I have all the syncing now and wireless! I just ask for a Tasks plugin for the final version, since it’s the thing that I miss the most!