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Silverlight Mobile

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1202925365

John Gruber shared his thoughts on why Apple doesn’t want Flash on the iPhone and I believe that this should be reason for Microsoft to get Silverlight on the Mobile world.

In Microsoft’s events I’ve seen that they are trying to get people to use Silverlight (until now, they’ve failed in my opinion. Only a bunch of their partners is using it in the real world). In terms of results, you can achieve the same with Flash and all designers know it already. They believe it will be used because their desktops apps will also be built with the same technology (XAML), but I also haven’t seen those yet… Who knows if MIX08 will bring some big news?

Back to the mobile world, Microsoft is loosing to Apple’s iPhone mainly due to the user interface everybody complains on Windows Mobile. Nokia, LG and others are already following iPhone’s design patterns, and even the Android has some similarities. Yes, the “G Phone” that will be the main competitor for the Windows Mobile, since it will run on the same mobile (HTC and others). There are even some plugins to make WM more user friendly.

So I guess WM7 (or 6.5?) should have this astonishing interface and Silverlight based and if possible making it available to the Android Phones and even Symbian. That’s how they could make Silverlight a ubiquitous platform.