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Yahoo, Flickr, Microformats and OpenID

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1202225352

Yeah, there’s missing only Microsoft for having all the buzzwords in this post’s title. But I won’t be discussing that polemical bid.

Yahoo has launched their 0penID support and I hope the beta there means it’s going to be improved!

I’m doing some OpenID-related stuff and I’m wondering if I should recommend Yahoo as a OpenID provider. First of all, you need to activate OpenID in you account (just like with Blogger). So allowing the users just to enter their URLs and login would be perfect, but I guess they are just doing this for some stats or so. But for regular users having to active something may make them think twice (could be good or not).

One thing that a multi-website entity like yahoo did was to allow users to choose their OpenID url. So I can pick between and my flickr URL. That’s very sweet from Yahoo since they are admitting having flickr in your URL is cooler than the crazy Yahoo. But I find a problem here. Isn’t the “id” in OpenID for identity? doesn’t have anything to do with my identity, it’s just a place to display my photos. But does! It has all my personal information, even my hCard! So, Mr Yahoo/Flickr Folks, why do we use the photos page instead of our profile page? I know you have a rel=“me” link to the profile page, but it’s just not the same thing!