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Windows Software Shop suggestion

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1202160999


I’m sure all of you who have tried Ubuntu or other user friendly linux distro in the last years have enjoyed how easy is to install new software. First, because it’s free. Second, because it’s not painful. Any user can Add/Remove software though this simple GUI. And terminal geeks can also with apt-get command (or whatever package manager you use in your distro). Well, I believe this is another concept Microsoft should import to Windows, but adapting to their users needs.

To begin with, Windows 7 should come with a proper folder structure (Vista improved a bit, but I’m still stuck with Program Files and Programas and other stuff). I really love how Apple have done it with the OS X. Second, get a new MSI kind of files, that include dependencies. In today’s world it’s a must! If I develop a IronPython software (I assume Windows 7 wouldn’t come with IronPython, which is disappointing, but expectable from MS), I want it to be downloaded and installed automatically (and no damn Next,Next,Next processes! Just a big Install and a small Advanced buttons). I’m aware there is win-get but that’s just a non-usable patch to our problem here.

The new idea here is to bring commercial software to this environment. You could browser a list of opensource, freeware, shareware and paid software by your needs. And you could buy the latest game, or that productivity software you need, right in some desktop app. Ok, the idea is not so new, since Apple is selling iPod games via the iTunes Store. So may I expect this idea to be implemented in the back soon? Macports can’t really do it for regular users.

Back to my idea, this would be the right way of fighting the software piracy. People download software through bittorrent, emule or another P2P technology faster than they move their asses to some software store. You just have to make that process damn easy. And indie companies would win also, since if their software is worth it, it will be voted or recommended to other users. Oh, and sysadmins would also be able to remotely install some software in all the N machines they’re responsable for.