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My new online identity

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1202079636

Ideias3 is now one year old and this weblog will also be in a few days. Since its beginning, I’ve been using it as the center of my web activity. It has my hCard, it is my OpenId, it has my XFN friend list, it has me links to all my social profiles. Although typing in your browser’s address bar “alcides fonseca” would return this website, I guess that having my identity outside ideias3 was important, and now my web presence is pointing to

Although the old url is still active and redirecting to here, I’d appreciate you link to this new address now. I’ve just changed a few lines in a few templates (and APML and FOAF) and this line helped a lot regarding the database. Now I am in the quest of changing all my web profiles with the new email and website. I’m curious to see how technorati deals with it.

Changing your personal details everywhere is always painful (I’m hating it, and I’m fearing changing my address when I move to my new house two streets away from current one) but I believe the social web may help this. I had this conversation with Bruno and I guess it could work in a year or so: I have a new email and url. I change my hCard in this new website. I ping technorati’s kitchen or pingerati for both urls. Both those services propagate the pings to popular services like twitter, flickr, etc… They notice that is redirecting to a new url, so they change it from my profile, and then they update my details from the hCard, since I use as my main identity page (or as my OpenId). And that way, everything is updated everywhere, with just one change and one ping!

Just a final note: I now enter my email address without any spam protection. I guess it is already somewhere in the web my plain email address, so I don't care anymore. Gmail works fine as a Spam blocker (I've stopped using my MSN address because I still get too much spam).