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New backpack!

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1201349324

After some months wandering around some shops looking for a new backpack, I finally found one that is not ugly and fits my needs. Finally I bought Case Logic SKU-NBP-3 in FNAC for 60 euros. It's not a 13.3\" backpack (I couldn't even find one) but it's not big. In fact, with my Macbook I can't feel it on my back or shoulders. It's so much lighter than my temporary messenger bag.

Also, other of the things I was worried about was the fact that it was too shiny and would attract robbers (seems like macs are envied the most), so this one doesn't give out there's a computer inside. Actually, it looks like one of my elementary school backpacks!

One thing you also might be interested in is what can go inside. Although I would prefer a one-sectioned backpack, this one has two (one for computer and other for documents). As I don't normally take paper with me, I use that one for my mouse, mousepad and charger. Take a look around the pictures if you want to know more.


Review by
Alcides Fonseca,
January 26 2008