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Mobile AJAX

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1200677794

Until now, I would swear that the only mobile device AJAX was available was in the iPhone. Well, I now know how to use the XHR activeX object in Pocket IE and it gets better: There is a library for working with the AJAX capabilities of mobile browsers. Frost AJAX lib (via Celso) is a really nice project that I will use when developing my next web application.

I really hate when I go to some website that is only meant to use with desktop browsers. Sure webdesigns should have fluid layouts and AJAX should be hiJAXed, but I believe sometimes the best solution is to make a mobile-specific website. Like or GMail/GReader. Sometimes users in different devices have different needs so they should get different contents.

But yes, Javascript and AJAX is the future for Mobile also. The iPhone is a good example of that!