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More Than a Thousand Gig

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1178278041
Yesterday Me, Khan and a bunch of friends from high school went to MTAT concert in Via Latina.

I liked quite much My Cubic Emotion, who did the opening. Gotta listen it's albuns.

When it came to MTAT themselves, it was just awsome. The crowd was longly waiting for it. Titles like \"You have been sleeping and yes, this is an hospital\", \"Hollow\" \"None of us will see heaven\" just drive me mad.

Unfortunelly I could stay to see \"Die Princess, Die\", but I will for sure listen to them soon since they're from Coimbra.

Positive note: A tshirt model was sold out before the place was filled with people.

Negative note: Bad timming for the gig, since it was Serenata Day, as only a few missed it to see MTAT. The sound quality of the place wasn't very good too.

Just love it!