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The Weave!

Written by Alcides Fonseca at 1199321330

On the mac, due to the lack of integration with Camino, I switched to Firefox3b2, that is not yet perfect for me (Where the hell is the Microformats support?) and still lacks the integration (that I am handling with favelets), but looks pretty cool, is fast enough and supports this new coolnamed Mozilla service: Weave.

Weave is a service that hosts your favorites (that now have tags) and web history and soon a lot more (integration with your other plugins?). Mozilla starts off providing users other than software, they are offering services, that might lead them to a prosperous future in the 2.0 era. And will they take place for online bookmarking? I guess not. Although Labs.Mozilla is the only provider of weave services for now, they intend to opensource it, and delicious, magnolia and other online bookmarking services will make use of it. And then the competitions wouldn’t be for the best browser integration, but for the best social networking features and innovative experience.

This (temporary, I guess) lack of social features, is what keeps me from using weave as it’s meant to be and keep using (that has a new PHP version coming up for ages now).